Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Going home--August 4th

Finally it was time to say goodbye. Our hosts, host families, and students came out to the airport to say goodbye.

Alex, a TA from last year, now works for China Airlines at the airport.

 Hong Kong airport
 Offshore of Hong Kong

 Chiang Jiang River


 O'Hare Airport

 Preparing for the final leg to Jacksonville.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Farewell dinner (July 31)

At the closing dinner, the teachers dined with their host families, Principal Wu, Helen Lee, Jen Tsai (office assistant), TA's, Mr. Shih, Jerry and Ellie. It was a chance to say words of refflection on the program and exchange gifts.

Mr. Shih on the way to the dinner.

Now at the dinner.

Left side at the back in above photo is Katie's sister Bella, whose birthday was today. Happy birthday, Bella!

Closing ceremony--July 31

On the morning of July 31st we had our closing ceremony. The principal spoke, then Dr. Balinsky. Afterwards it was time to honor the top students in each of the five classes, as well as give out the awards for the best field trip writeups and the most creative field trip write-ups. Afterwards each class, plus the four American student teachers, all gave a presentation. The presentations were interactive and sometimes involved games and power point shows. Afterwards time was allotted for students to take pictures with their teachers. In Taiwan there is reverence for the teaching profession, but there is also genuine love between the teachers and the students they have worked with for a month. Good byes are hard, but as one of the student notes to all the teachers wrote "good bye does not mean the end!

Here was the backdrop:

Here were emcees Ashley and Jane.

 Below: Principal Wu speaking.

Then Dr. Balinsky spoke

Time for awards!

And class pictures

Now student presentations, including dances, skits, a performance with cups and a charades game.

Above was a skit about Sleeping Beauty. Always a good sport, Adam donned a wig and played Sleeping Beauty.

Here was a cups passing demo with glow in the dark rings. Quite amazing. Included is a picture of the practice they had, the day before for easier viewing.

Then the American teachers put hosted a charades game and a blindfold game.

Helen enjoys watching the creative games.

Aaaaaand limbooo!

How does Jack do it?

Teachers presented a power point show of their life in Taiwan over the last month.

Then TA's had a singing performance.

Including special guest Leo. 

 Then it was time to say goodbye. Many students brought gifts for the teachers, including class gifts, and there was much picture taking.

Ashton's face paint was part of one of the games.

 And lastly it was time to say goodbye to the office and pack up. Candy (TA from last year) came by to wish the teachers farewell.