Thursday, July 30, 2015

Exploring Kaohsiung

During their time in Kaohsiung, the teachers had a chance to enjoy some sights in the Kaohsiung area.

Cijin Island

Shoushan panorama
Lotus Pond, with Rebecca and Timmy (Ashton's host siblings)
Mr. Shih inside the Dragon Pagoda.
Ashton prepares to go wakeboarding 

Ashton on the wakeboard.
Dr. Balinsky on the wakboard.

 Rebecca on the wakeboard.

Danielle and Katie with Dr. Balinsky on the subway (MRT).

Teachers with Katie's host sisters Ashley and Bella at Flower Mango restaurant (mango waffle place) 

Leah poses with a sculpture at SkyTower 85. 

On Monkey Mountain.

Mr. Shih on Monkey Mountain trail.

Monkey Mountain denizen.

The view from Sky Tower 85.

Fascinating night markets.

Leah, Ashton, and Gloria (Leah's host sister) at Mango Cha Cha (mango ice place).

Beautiful Formosa Station MRT station's Dome of Light.

Beautiful Buddhist temple.

Night scene on Kaohsiung Street.

Beautiful Weuying Park.

The palatial Dream Mall.

Beautiful temple near Sky Tower 85.

Same temple on the outside.
Ellie with Lori Balinsky (right), Dr. Balinsky's wife, and Lori's mother Joanne (center).

The magnificent new Kaohsiung library.

Lotus Pond at night.

Peaceful Chongcing Lake

Tiger and dragon pagodas.

Leah and Ashton prepare to scale Monkey Mountain.

Kaohsiung Harbor near the Convention Center.

The interesting Pier 4 district, a revitalized warehouse area.
At Pier 4 district.

Dr. B and Lori near Lotus Pond.

Winding pathways near Chongcing Lake. 
Dr. Balinsky with new friends at Chongcing Lake, raising a cup of oolong tea, a special Taiwanese tea from the mountains.

Mr. Shih at Chongcing Lake.

Fascinating lit buildings near Central Park.

On a gondola ride on Love River, with a signing boat driver.
On the Love River.

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