Monday, July 13, 2015

Taipei trip (July 10-11)

On July 10-11 the teachers, along with hosts Jerry and Ellie Fussell, traveled to Taipei, to see the nation's capital city.
Assembled at the station for the trip.

The high speed rail train travels 297 kph (about 180 mph) and only takes 90 minutes to get to Taipei.

Atop Taipei 101. Due to a monsoon in the South China Sea, the weather was cloudy and rainy.

Occaionally views would open up.

View from below.

Danielle in Taipei.

Bustling Taipei is a modern city and electronics hub.

We then proceeded via subway train to Tensui, a coastal city north of Taipei.

Buddhist temple in Tensui.

Coastal view in Tensui.

Next day at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial. Ellie Fussell, Katie Lily, Danielle Hess, Martin Balinsky, Ashton Gallaher, and Leah White (left to right).

Changing of the guard at the memorial.

Taipei Station. Time to return to Kaohsiung.

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