Thursday, July 2, 2015

Travelling to Kaohsiung (July 1-2, 2015)

The San Sin Summer program teachers boarded a plane bound for Taiwan on July 1. They traveled from Jacksonville to Chicago to Hong Kong to Kaohsiung.
There were moments of repose

and camaraderie on the journey over.
Here was the plane that took the teachers to Asia.

They flew in almost perennial daylight, cross the Northern Hemisphere in summer.

 During the journey they passed almost directly over the North Pole, passing over sea ice in the middle of summer. Clouds obscured the North Pole ice, but it was possible to see floating sea ice in the Hudson Bay.

They passed over the wilds of Siberia.
Finally reaching nightfall upon approach into Hong Kong.
Around 11:30 pm Taiwan time, after 26 hours in transit, they arrived to a warm welcome at Kaohsiung Airport. They were met by officials from the school, friends, and host families.

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