Friday, July 31, 2015

Field trip to San Ti Men and Mei Nong (July 26th)

On Sunday, July 26th, the teachers, along with their local host families, plus Helen, Mr. Shih, Jerry and Ellie, took an out of town trip to see San Ti Men, a fascinating aboriginal park. After a clear blue morning an afternoon rain front cancelled the visit to the actual aboriginal village, but they did get to do bead making and They also visited the Hakka Center of Mei Nong, which featured crafts from the Hakka Tribe, another aboriginal tribe of Taiwan.
The beautiful aboriginal area

At the beadmaking center.
The teachers and their families tried their hands at the beadmaking.

The aboriginal dancing show was magnificent, with bright colors, and upbeat music. The writing on the screen in both Chinese and English explained the dances. 

 Then it was time to participate!

And then pose with the performers.

Because of the rain at San Ti Men, we went on to peaceful Mei Non for a little afternoon shopping visit. It has pleasant water features and a nice walking mall. 

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