Sunday, July 19, 2015

Teacher field trips with students--July 13 and 14

On July 13 and 14 the teachers took field trips with the students, TAs, and some of the host family members to see the movie "Minions" at the Dream Mall (July 13) and to Tainan City (July 14) to see the Chimei Museum and downtown Tainan. The movie was not subtitled and was intended to help students see dialogue in English with pictures and matched the script. Both trips allowed teachers to interact with students.
Teachers preparing to board the bus.
Students preparing to board the bus.

Ellie Fussell and student at the Dream Mall.

Program director Helen Lee at the Dream Mall.

Class E students at the Dream Mall.

Helen's assistant Jen with three teaching assistants: Pan, Mita, Jayne.

Katie and one of her host family sisters Ashley with students.

Riding the bus to the Chimei Museum.

Some of our host families attended the trip.

Dr. Balinsky with students at the Chimei Museum.

Dr. Balinsky with students at the Chimei Museum.

Katie and Danielle with students.

Teachers at the Chimei Museum.

In Tainan City, with street performers.

Four hundred year old wall of a Dutch fort.

Enjoying a refreshing melon tea in Tainan City.

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