Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 2 Let's hit the road!: A road trip across the USA (July 16, 17, and 20)

During the second week of class meetings (July 16-17 and 20) the teachers and students explored everything to do with road trips, including highways, historical monuments, right and left turns, and delays. Students also learned about the college system in the USA.
Leah instructs about road directions.

Danielle assists a student.

Ashton directs students on a review activity.

Students hard at work.

In Dr. Balinsky's class, students focus on the task.

Danielle explains a point. Teaching assistant Ashley looks on. 
Students study road trips.

Students doing a writing activity.

Katie introduces herself to a new class. Teachers always began each week with a new class and a new introductory discourse.

Teaching assitant Mita visits with Alex, a former teaching assistant.

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