Thursday, July 2, 2015

Preparing the lessons (February-June, 2015)

During the late fall 2014, a  rigorous selection process culminated with the selection of four student teachers for the San Sin Summer English program. Two were veterans (Danielle Hess and Katie Lilly), and two were new to the program (Ashton Gallaher and Leah White). The faculty adviser who will be traveling to Taiwan with the student teachers, and teaching as well, is Dr. Martin Balinsky, a full-time professor at TCC.

Katie Lilly, Ashton Gallaher, Leah White, Danielle Hess, Dr. Martin Balinsky

Preparation for the program began in the deep of the north Florida winter, as we began to develop our ideas for units, and met many times to complete the units. The meetings were organized and presided over by Dr. Jeanne O'Kon, the TCC director of the program, who has traveled to Kaohsiung as faculty adviser for most of the program's past twenty-one years. Student teachers spent many hours preparing the lessons.
Jingo Huang (left side of picture), a graduate of the Summer English Program, came to TCC and has now graduated

Dr. Balinsky, Jingo and her boyfriend Cody McGowan, Betty Jensen, who taught in the program in the 1990s as is a faculty member at TCC, Danielle Hess, John Gelabart (who teaches English in Kaohsiung annually and also teaches high school in Tallahassee, Dr. Jean O'Kon (who directs the San Sin Summer Program's TCC side), and Diane Kuo Stoll, who graduated from the program in the 1990s and now lives in Tallahassee.

Danielle Hess, Dr. Balinsky, Ashton Gallaher

Leah White, Katie Lilly (pictured with 2015 Summer program t-shirt), Danielle Hess

Veteran Summer Program teachers. Katie displays a prior year shirt.

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