Thursday, July 30, 2015

Exploring the surroindings of Kaohsiung

Dr. Balinsky at Yuching, Taiwan's Mango City.

Mango trees in Yucin at a mango farm.

Jerry, Ellie, and Poochie at the mango farm.

Sorting out the mangoes at the farm.

The dizzying variety of mangoes at the Yucin market.

Lori shows off a dried mango.

At a beautiful Buddhist monastery in Yucin.

View from the monastery.

At the monastery.


Yucin monastery. 

Yucin monastery.

Near Kending (south tip of Taiwan)
Near Kending.

 Near Kending (south tip of Taiwan)
Near Kending.

 Kending lighthouse trail.

Near the lighthouse.

Kending lighthouse.

Ellie, Jerry, and Poochie at Kending.

Sunset near Kending.

 Kending bustling night market.

 Moon World (lower three)

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