Friday, July 31, 2015

Project Based Learning (July 30)

Students worked very hard during the final week to prepare power point shows for the whole program. The presentations were excellent, running smoothly and fully memorized. There were additions to the power points such as music, skits, and dancing. The topics that students had to discuss were the ones that they had learned during the four weeks of class, but they were required to use their own words in definitions.

Diligently working the three days before the PBL.

The backdrop for the presentation, a giant mural with pirctures from the last month.

Featuring the students and teachers. 

Teachers and TA's pictured on the backdrop for the presentation.

And the presentations begin!

In the larger classes, there were 3-4 grupes from each class.

The audience was sometimes asked to participate.

All about movies.

And music.

TA's Mita and Pam providing the emcee role.

All about dance.

This group performed and also had interactive discourse.

A demonstration of Latin dance.
Students could relax afterwards.

And time for posing with teachers.

Here were the final results. Congrats to all!

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